PHPLiveX 2.3 Released

- Version Changes:
    Version 2.3, which has more exhaustive work than the others, fixes many bugs and provides many new properties.
    * Fixed bugs on arguments sent to class functions.
    * Fixed bugs when sending arguments including url strings, "+" and "," characters.
    * Fixed bug when giving id value of an html input element to the target value. In addition, target parameter can now take one or more values.
    * A new value "asw" was added to the mode parameter. In this case, the returned value can be written before the initial value of the target dom element.
    * onFinish, onUpdate, interval, hideContent and myPreload parameters were added. To learn their functions, please see the documentation.
    * The processes gained speed by decreasing the javascript code printed to the page.
    * All functions in the page can be registered to phplivex with a new simple way.
    * Visibility attribute of the dom element used during preloading was changed to display.
    * Fixed bugs about character encodings.
Users having trouble with older versions are recommended to use this version.

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